Montgomery County Friends of the Shelter - MCFOTS

Adoption Information

MCFOTS adoption fees are $125 for adults, $150 for puppies and $175 for pure breeds. All animals are fully vetted to include: Spay or...


Where do the animals at MCFOTS come from?
All of the animals that are available for adoption through MCFOTS are taken from Montgomery County Animal Control. We do not accept owners surrenders or strays from the general public.


What does it cost to adopt a dog from MCFOTS?
MCFOTS adoption fees are $125 for adults, $150 for puppies and $175 for pure breeds. This fee helps to defray the cost of vetting and boarding the dog prior to its adoption but does not always cover ours costs therefore donations are always welcome. All of our animals are fully vaccinated, spayed/neutered and treated for any existing ailments prior to their adoption.


How can I meet one of the MCFOTS dogs that I have seen on Facebook or Petfinder?
Because we are an all volunteer operated organization, MCFOTS is currently open by appointment only, but getting an appointment is easy! You may either call us at 931-368-8786 or email us a One of our Board of Directors members will then arrange a time to meet with you at our facility located at 120 Kraft St, Clarksville TN 37040.


How long do you keep the animals in your shelter?

MCFOTS has no set time limit for keeping animals. As long as an animal’s health and temperament are good, we will continue to search for their forever homes. We do work with other rescues from time to time, and may transfer a dog to another group if needed, but euthanasia is never used as a means for making space for another dog.


Do I have to spay/neuter my dog if I adopt from MCFOTS?
Yes! In fact, MCFOTS dogs over the age of 12 weeks will be spayed or neutered before they are adopted out. Puppies under the age of 12 weeks will be given to the adopter under a “foster to adopt” contract. When the puppy becomes 12 weeks old, she or he will be examined by our veterinarian to determine if they are developed enough for spay/ neuter. Once the procedure has taken place, at our expense, the Foster to Adopt contract will be converted to a formal adoption contract. MCFOTS takes spaying/neutering very seriously. As a matter of fact, MCFOTS has teamed up with a local veterinarian, Dr. Ronald Whitford of St. Bethlehem Animal Clinic, to provide a low cost spay/neuter clinic right here in Clarksville!


The dog I adopted from MCFOTS isn’t working out. Can I return it?
Your new dog has probably had many changes in his life recently. He may have lived with in a home with a family prior to being put with Animal Control, or he may have been a stray living on his own trying to find food and shelter every night. His stay with Animal Control could have been for only a day or two, or as long as a few weeks, before being rescued by us. Either way, it will take time (usually 2-3 weeks) to settle in to another new place, a new routine, and a new family. We are always available to help answer questions, offer advice, and help in connecting new owners with the resources they need. If all else fails, and time and training do not help everyone settle in, MCFOTS would accept the dog back into our program.

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