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Adoption Information

MCFOTS adoption fees are $125 for adults, $150 for puppies and $175 for pure breeds. All animals are fully vetted to include: Spay or...

Our Team

Stephanie Aguilar, Vetting Coordinator

Stephanie is an Army Spouse and mother of two girls. Shortly after her family arrived to Clarksville in 2011 they adopted their first family dog Gidget, a Corgi mix from Animal Control. After learning MCFOTS rescued dogs from Animal Control who had very limited time, Steph asked how she could help. Little did she know that giving only two hours a week, walking, cleaning and feeding these wonderful animals would be such an amazing experience. Steph’s husband and children all volunteer as well and love it almost as much as she does. However, sometimes Steph has to check her little one when leaving the shop to make sure she has not smuggled a furbaby out. Recently the Aguilar’s adopted a white boxer rescued by MCFOTS named Emmitt.  As his name suggests, he is destined for greatness.


Jennifer Byard, Director & Marketing & Fundraising Coordinator

Growing up an only child, Jennifer’s best friends have always been dogs. Her love of four-legged furbabies only grew in adulthood and drove her to volunteer for the local Humane Society by taking pictures of animals for adoption at Animal Control each week and posting them everywhere in hopes of getting them adopted before they were euthanized. When photographing one day she came across “the one”, an emaciated, wormy brindle boxer scheduled to be put down. She took the boxer, Sara Jane, home and life has never been the same. Inspired by Sara Jane’s sensitive and gentle nature, Jennifer and friends began what is affectionately known as MCFOTS (Montgomery County Friends of the Shelter), an organization dedicated to helping shelter animals in Montgomery County. She lives at home in Montgomery County with Sara Jane and her brother cocker spaniels, Ranger and Ed.


Sharon Allbert, Shop Manager

Sharon was born and raised in Clarksville as an only child surrounded by pets. As a teenager she was the neighborhood pet caretaker. She loves all animals but dogs have always held a special place in her heart. Her interest in MCFOTS began when she started following the organization on Facebook. While regularly reading and sharing the Facebook posts, she stumbled upon the story of an emaciated, frail boxer named Vargas. Vargas was her call to action. She was fortunate enough to witness his transformation to such a handsome, healthy boy. Experiencing the story of Vargas firsthand, and seeing the life changing moment when these wonderful dogs find their furever families, hooked Sharon for the long haul. During her time with MCFOTS she fell in love and adopted another boxer named Layla, adding to her already plentiful family of furbabies. Layla was lucky enough to join Chance a black lab, Jacy a jack russell terrier,  Dixie a lab/pittie mix…and one FAT KITTY!


Noelle McCumbers, Volunteer Coordinator

Growing up an Army brat meant a lot of travelling, but no matter the state or country the stray animals always seemed to find Noelle. As a child she had pets of all shapes and sizes but particularly loved horses and being in the show ring. Noelle comes to us from Minnesota, via the military. She is the mother of three animal loving boys and wife of an active duty Soldier. Her involvement with MCFOTS began with a simple post on Facebook asking for just two hours of her free time each week. In the beginning, it was strictly volunteering and the occasional new dog pick up from Animal Control, but has since expanded. One October day, a sad, confused beagle named Charlie was brought into the shop. Noelle fostered Charlie, but after a week the family knew he was the missing link to their happiness. The rest is history. Her older children also enjoy volunteering as it gives them the opportunity to interact with dogs of all breeds and sizes. Noelle has lived in Clarksville since 2005.  Her pet family includes two dogs, two cats, two frogs and two birds.


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